Saturday, September 3, 2022

The Intrepid Clyde Hall.

Clyde Hall was raised a TV addict, a comic book fan, a movie buff, and a monster kid. He’s worked as a comic shop employee, a snow cone peddler, a cashier, a reporter, a news director, a security officer, and a 911 operator. 

But he’s always been a writer. For writing fun things, he used to rely on Game Mastering RPGs, staffing MUSHes, contributing to APAs, and scripting fan fiction. Then he retired and became a comic book reviewer at and a contributing writer for Stormgate Press. 

He’s also submitted a story to Brian K. Morris’s Doc Saga series. 

He and wife Ginny live in Illinois. No, in the southern part of Illinois. No, further; further south than most people think the state goes. 

He and Ginny cosplay many heroes but raised a daughter who now is a health care hero, a Nurse. They’re currently teaching their dog, Quill, to master canine sign language while they train their cat, Casper, not to murder him in his sleep.

You can find Clyde on Facebook, he can also be found Thursday nights at 7:00pm est talking comics on Comic Book Spectrum alongside other Stormgate contributors: Brian K. Morris & Brian Rodman 

Clyde's work for Stormgate Press includes:
Reel One for the B-Man: (Pulp Reality #1) Which debuted his character Criswell Speaks, the owner of the Strand, a mysterious old movie theater that gifted Criswell with unique abilities of recreating B movie characters into living superheroes.

Patently False B-Man Returns (Pulp Reality #2)  

Magic Hour Mimesis: A B-Man Adventure (Pulp Reality #3)

Currently Clyde is working on B-Man's 4th adventure for Pulp Reality #4, and he is also working on  a compilation B-Man book for Stormgate Press, which will include an all-new adventure. 

The Banshee Barnstormer: A Captain Hawklin Lost Adventure:

In the wake of a corruption scandal, President Franklin D. Roosevelt cancels all private U.S. Airmail contracts, and the routes turned over to the military’s Army Air Corps Mail Operation in the brutal winter of 1934. Not the kind of detail suited for young military pilots trained in combat. After several airmen are lost in widespread accidents, one squadron commander calls on fellow Great War veteran, Captain Steven Hawklin, to instruct his inexperienced flyers so the mail will get through. Can even Captain Hawklin’s skill overcome the additional peril posed by legends of a ghostly biplane and a ghastly Banshee Barnstormer haunting the skies over their airfield?

Major Marjorie 

In the mid-1940’s at the height of the Second World War, Major Marjorie: Space Star Ranger burned up the airwaves in her weekly radio series, battling alien invaders at every turn.
Little did her adoring fans realize, that reality mirrored fiction and Marjorie Pettice was a member of the Intergalactic Ranger Patrol, charged with protecting the Earth from the horrific Manglers, and their human allies bent on world domination.
Aiding Marjorie in her fight is her husband Paul, and their friend and confident Stumbly. Together they stand watch protecting mankind from the evil forces of the galaxy.

In Clyde's Own Words...
A compilation video, of Clyde discussing his B-Man stories, and a slight tour of his world. 


 A longer interview, where Clyde was interviewed by Ryan Permison on Nerd Culture in 2021

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